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​Happy BBQ is located in Shek Wu New Village, Sheung Shui

It is adjacent to the Wutong River, one of Hong Kong's seven major river views, and is very conveniently located opposite the swimming pool. It also provides over 10,000 square feet of all-weather indoor event space with a giant screen. The more than 20,000 square feet of real grass can accommodate about 2,000 people; reservations are also available inside the venue The independent party room accommodates 6 to 60 people, including large and small fun boxes such as camouflage party and yurt. It is equipped with electric mahjong, 70-inch 4K giant TV karaoke and other facilities for adults and children to hold different activities.

At the same time, it has beautiful scenery. Wutong River is one of the only 7 beautiful river views in Hong Kong. Its unique lake and river views are a good place to watch the sunset and stargazing. The venue also has a vast grass garden, which is definitely a place to visit. A great place to get in touch with nature and relax!

- Dessert House
- All-you-can-eat smooth tofu curd $10/person

- Japanese style Sento sushi/sashimi

- Happy skewers

- Instant Thai stone pot barbecue

- Marriage tree/wishing tree throwing treasure dish

- Alpaca cafe+little suckling sheep, warm and trendy

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